Leather Baby Shoe Pink
Leather Baby Shoe Pink
Leather Baby Shoe Pink

Bailey Boot in Baby Pink

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The Bailey Boot is a gorgeous, genuine leather baby shoe. 

A velcro tab makes it easy and quick to put on and take off. A padded heel provides additional support and comfort and is designed to prevent the shoes slipping off.
It comes in four sizes. Size 2 has soft leather soles and Sizes 3 and above has a flexible rubber sole that provides grip for babies learning to walk. The unisex design of the Bailey Boot makes it a great choice as a prewalker and first walker shoe for both girls and boys.

Size Guide:

  • 2 (0-6 months) - 11cm
  • 3 (6-9 months) - 11.8cm
  • 4 (9-12 months) - 12.6cm
  • 5 (12-18 months) - 13.4cm

The size guide can assist you with your purchase. It contains the actual shoe dimensions so you need to size up. So if your babies foot is 11cm in length, choose Size 3 to allow room to get their foot into the shoe with socks. If you are buying for a gift please note that the age guide is based on national averages and may not be accurate for every baby. If in doubt, size up.