Sinchies Baby and Toddler Feeding Kit
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Sinchies Baby and Toddler Feeding Set

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If you have a baby just starting solids or an independent toddler that likes to feed themselves then this baby and toddler feeding kitis for you. The baby and toddler feeding kit will support you through your weaning journey, save space in your freezer and save your sanity.

The Baby and Toddler feeding Kit isn’t just for babies or toddlers but can used beyond those years! Great for puree’s, smoothies, yoghurts, liquid breakfasts, custards, Wheatbix in a pouch and lots more these are a must have. Not only will they save you hundreds of dollars a year compared to buying store bought baby food and yoghurt pouches – you also get to monitor exactly what goes in your children’s bellies, you know how it is made exactly what ingredients are used giving them the best start in life.

In the Baby and Toddler Feeding Kit you get a range of different things.

10 x 80ml pouches which are perfect for the weaning stage and are a great yoghurt serve.

5 x 140ml pouches for experience babies and toddlers who have mastered eating

5 x 150ml top spout pouches in your chosen design (from the drop down menu)

1 set of screw on spoons perfect for those just learning how to eat

1 set of sip’n silicone lids – these are a must have for independent little ones as it controls the flow of the food. Great for travelling in the car or as i said little ones who like to feed themselves so they don’t squeeze food all over the place

1 pack of 5 child safe lids – these are bigger than the standard lids that come with all Sinchies pouches and easier to keep track of

1 x cleaning brush – our ultimate cleaning tool – with a big brush on one end and a little brush on the other end to get into the nooks and crannies, with a silicone stand so your brush can air dry!

This baby and toddler feeding kit is absolutely amazing value and will give you everything you need on your journey to solids and beyond.

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