Bamboo toothbrush family pack

Bamboo Toothbrush - Family 4 Pack

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Buy a bulk pack of four bamboo toothbrushes by The Boo Collective and save!

Our bulk family pack has two adult and two children's toothbrushes. If you need more we sell adults and children's toothbrushes separately or in bulk

Switch your whole family from plastic toothbrushes to an eco-friendlier alternative!

The adult size toothbrush is 19cm long and has a medium bristle. The children's size toothbrush is 14.5cm long and has a soft bristle.

2 Adult size bamboo toothbrushes and 2 children's bamboo toothbrushes with coloured handle and bristles. The handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo and the bristles can be recycled if cut off. Eco friendly paint is used.

Please note - As bamboo is a natural product it should not be left wet or it may go mouldy. That means it can't be left in the shower and should be placed vertically in a toothbrush holder to dry completely after each use.

Each toothbrush in your 4 pack comes separately packaged in its own cardboard box.