Attipas Frequently Asked Questions

You might have heard about Attipas but are unsure if they are the right choice for your child. It also can be sometimes be difficult to purchase shoes you have not seen, or tried on your baby/toddler. If you haven’t heard about Attipas you may also want to read my introductory blog What are Attipas Shoes.

I am an Attipas stockist from Berowra Bubs. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions I get from my customers. I do not speak on behalf of or represent Attipas Australia. 

Why are Attipas shoes special?

They were designed to mimic barefoot walking, which according to scientific research, improves cognitive and motor development when learning to walk. They are recommended by Australian podiatrists. They are a great shoe to crawl in, learn to walk in and for the first couple of years of walking.

Practically speaking, they don’t fall off, they are easy to put on and easy to clean.

How do I know what size Attipas to buy?

If it is possible to try the shoes on, then do so. Length is a great indicator of what size to buy but width and how the foot fits out the shoe is also important. If the shoe is too big then the foot might move around too much which could lead to the foot rolling out of the shoe or even possibly blisters. You can contact your local stockist to arrange to try them on.

If you don’t have a stockist nearby you can measure your child's foot yourself and work out which size Attipas to get. If your child is standing confidently get them to step on a piece of paper with their toes flat, not curled. Mark at the base of the heel and at the top of their longer toe, then measure with a ruler this distance in millimetres. If they are not standing confidently then get a measuring tape, or even a ruler, and measure the distance from heel to toe. Then use the Attipas sizing chart to determine which size to buy. (S = less than 108mm, M = 109-115mm, L = 116-125mm, XL = 126-135mm, XXL = 136-145mm and XXXL = 146-155mm.)

If they are in between sizes then go up a size, you can always use socks or insoles to fill out the shoe for a while.

Why do they look like clown shoes?

Some parents do not find the big toe box that features in the Attipas design very appealing. Attipas are a great choice for parents who want a practical and ergonomic shoe that won’t hinder their child's foot development.

The big toe box allows for free toe movement. Free toe movement is important to improve cognitive and motor development.

How do I clean Attipas shoes?

Attipas are machine washable. Pop them in a laundry bag on a cold cycle (water temperature should be less than 30 degrees C). They don’t need to be washed after every use, I personally just rinse them if they are dirty and let them dry. The more you machine wash them, the more pilling may occur in the sock.

If the sock part is very dirty you can soak them in some Nappysan before they are washed. If the soles are very dirty, eg white soles with scuff marks, then you can try scrubbing the soles with a toothbrush or nail brush and either dishwashing liquid, Jiff or Gumption.

If the shoes are sandy, first shake any excess sand out. You can run your finger on the inside of the sole to dislodge any more sand. Alternatively you can gently turn the sock inside out and use a nail brush to dislodge the sand.

Will my child's feet get smelly in Attipas?

Just like adults, some children have sweaty feet. Sweat does tend to make Attipas smelly. If your Attipas are getting stinky then wash them more frequently and rotate them between another pair of Attipas or two. If it is winter you can try Attipas with socks and baby powder underneath as well. In summer, you can get some Odor Eaters insoles from the supermarket and cut out the shape of the sole to fit inside.

How many pairs will I need?

If you only want you child to wear Attipas shoes then three is a good number. One to wear, one in the wash and a back up. You could probably get by with just two pairs as well.

Aren’t Attipas too hot for summer?

Attipas soles have holes in the bottom to allow for airflow and breathability. The socks are cotton so are breathable too. Attipas can be great in summer to protect your child's feet from hot playground equipment. They are also good on the beach to protect feet from hot sand or blue bottles. You can simply wash them when you get home.

Aren’t Attipas too cold in winter?

You can wear socks with Attipas as well if you want additional warmth on a cold day. Some Attipas designs are specific for winter, such as Twinkle and Argyle. They have a thicker, longer sock.


Are Attipas just for babies?

Attipas are designed for prewalkers to preschoolers. Your child can wear them until their foot outgrows them or they no longer like them (if they are old enough to decide that). My almost three year old daughter wears XXL Attipas almost daily.

Does the Attipas sock leave a red mark?

In most situations no. There is one style, Chess that has a tighter sock and is not recommended for children with chubby legs. Wearing thin socks underneath will help if there is a red mark. You can also try to wash the shoes and have a cylinder bigger than the socks, like a bottle, inside the sock to stretch it as it dries.

Where can I buy Attipas?

Support small business and get your Attipas from Berowra Bubs. I am easy to get in touch with, if you are local you can come try them on or pick them up, and I also post for $7, Australia wide, normally the next business day. 

Any other questions? Leave a comment and I will try to answer quickly.


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